3/30/16 Lab results

Jamie’s lab results came back OK. He has the “strep” but not the big nasties that would have sidelined him for a long time.

Mom has made up her mind and found Jamie a new doctor. He’s a very nice young man and Jamie got along with him well. She just has to do the paperwork and off he goes with someone new. Mom bought Jamie Popsicles, Italian Ice, Ice Cream (mint chip), Gatorade, 7Up, Ginger Ale, lots of flavors of Soup, and so forth. Mom told me Jamie’s voice is very, very, hoarse and he can barely speak. I don’t know how Jamie got a horse in there – maybe when he said, “AAAAH” for the doctor –  but it’s there, I can hear it!

I have to tell you my near-escapes. The first was yesterday, when Jamie had to get shuffled around from doctor to lab. Mom had been planning on giving me a baff that day. So I dodged the bullet (the hairy bullet, hee hee hee!)

This morning she was going to give me the baff but the weatherman said it was going to rain. Mom didn’t want me covered in mud so she put the baff off again! I’m lucky so far. Mom says “definitely” baff by Sunday. Rats!

Thank you to everyone who posted good wishes for my young human, and for the words of encouragement to keep Mom sane. These are very much appreciated!

Woof! Love, Maggie




16 thoughts on “3/30/16 Lab results

  1. foguth

    Maggie, Mr. M totally approves of your opinion on baffs. Purrseidon, on the other paw, would like to know what you dislike about baffs … don’t you have fun toys? Does your shampoo smell bad or sting your eyes?

      1. foguth

        Poor Purr is very confused about this – you tell her that you do not like getting wet, yet Saphera (husky) assures her that dogs LOVE water… Mr. M informed Ms. Purrseidon it was a dog/cat thing, yet this perspective is obviously not valid.

  2. hitandrun1964

    I’m so happy he’s okay. 🙂 Great news. Maggie, maybe if you stand reallllllly still, against a white wall (hide your spot), your mom won’t find you when it’s baff time. You can try it. Be sure not to move though, or she’ll see you. And don’t tell her where you got the idea because we are friends and I don’t want her to know I’m helping you out.

  3. loisajay

    Yay! Good news about Jamie. And Mom was right about strep–that’s why she’s Mom! 😀 I am really happy that Jamie will now have a new doctor. We do what we need to do.
    Yeah, I’m confused about that horse Jamie has, also. Ha! Maggie, you are adorable.

  4. sepultura13

    Strep is no fun…I had it once, ages ago, but I got to keep my tonsils at least! Good that Jamie can talk again – and I hope that the evil ‘baff’ goes quickly and smoothly for you; I think that you’re the only pup I know who doesn’t like them, LOL!


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