4/5/16 I confess, I’ve been down in the dumps.

I confess, I’ve been down in the dumps.


The weather isn’t helping. We had a beautiful sunny day (about 72 F) and the next day, THIS:


Do we like it? Hail, no! Notice you cannot see across the street. The grey and gloom is getting to me! Plus, Mom and Dad have been arguing a lot lately. There’s a lot of stress floating around in the house. Something to do with Mom’s side of the family. I don’t know; I don’t understand all the words being said.

On the plus side, Jamie has made what looks like a complete recovery. I’ve still got my eye on him, but he seems OK for now. To be quite honest, it stinks that he spent his entire Spring Break in his pajamas, in bed, living off Popsicles. He will see the ENT in May, and his new doctor then, too. I’m hoping he can stay healthy until that time! (Speaking of stink -the weather has been so unpredictable that I haven’t gotten that baff yet! Hee hee, sneaky me!)

Also, Mom got the books she’s written in order and has sent word out to Ivan, whom she hopes will be the Illustrator. She worked on them for the last couple of days, putting them back into chapter book format (somehow, the original drafts were lost; possibly when we switched computers.) Her agent had suggested taking them out of such format to make for an easier sell, but since that is water under the bridge now, Mom decided, “I want them back the way they were.” So be it!

I’m sure once the weather clears up my attitude will, too. Until then, I’m just putting one paw in front of the other! Here’s hoping you had a good day! Now, to catch up on the Reader!

Woof! Love, Maggie

15 thoughts on “4/5/16 I confess, I’ve been down in the dumps.

  1. foguth

    Psst, Maggie, if you get a chance, suggest that your mom create a backup file on a jump stick or exterior hard drive – and update it once a day. This easily transfers information between computers, plus back up copies can be handy of the main computer gets a bug or something 😉

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      lol! We’ve done both. Someone mistakenly took Mom’s flash and over wrote it…we had the files backed up tho, so it was more editing/reorganizing than retyping the whole manuscript. Woof!

      1. foguth

        About seventeen years ago, I had a Packard Bell computer – the darn thing crashed when I was about 80k into a 90k novel… I still call that brand ‘packard hell’ because I had to retype everything from the hard copy, which I would print out each day … That is also when I purchased my first Mac and I haven’t gone back… though I am still a bit obsessive about backup copies.

  2. hitandrun1964

    I’m so happy to hear that your young human is back on his feet and doing well. Yes, Maggie, sometimes the weather around here SUCKS (ask your mom to explain that to you). Everyone is crabby when it’s snowing, hailing and GRAY, GRAY, GRAY AND GRAY! But it was sunny today and we did have that other day so…. More bad weather in the forecast but it can’t last forever, right? Right? Right? Tell your mom my fingers are crossed for her book.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Thanks so much, Aunt Gigi. Mom says “sucks” is like what Vacuum cleaner does to freak me out. Mom was listening halfheartedly to the weather and they are predicting an inch of snow this weekend. (whines). I want to go hide. Woof!

  3. loisajay

    Oh, Maggie–too much is going on at one time. I hope things get better. And I totally agree with Mom–chapter format just makes more sense. Take care, sweet girl.

  4. noodle4president

    Bad weather definitely creates a down in the dumps feeling. Add in all the other stress and it’s downright depressing. Mom says she completely understands and sends hugs to you and your mom. *ear licks* Noodle


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