4/30/16 Liz and Maggie: Vacation Part 1

Liz: We took the family on a trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Maggie: I thought I was going for a ride in the car and I ended up at the Vet!


Liz: We decided to wing it and go without knowing where we were going to stay. We ended up at the Riu Bambu. It was a very nice resort! Here is a picture of the lobby, which, as you look through it, can see clear down to the beach and the ocean:


Maggie: I could not believe they dropped me off and left. I was so upset!

Liz: I was very worried about leaving Maggie at the Vet, but I knew they would make sure she at least was drinking. The last time we boarded her, as you may remember, she did not drink any water and ended up at the Vet with a severe case of dehydration, and we came close to losing her. Speaking of water…

We flew 4 hours to Punta Cana, and packed our swimsuits in our carry-on. Which, I must say, was a great idea. We got to the resort in time for lunch and then a quick change, and into the pool we went!


Maggie: I had no idea when they would be back. I decided to make the best of it, but on my own terms. I had a nice-sized kennel, and Mom had packed my soft blanket and a fat chew toy bone. Much to my surprise, the Vet Techs were very nice to me and paid me a lot of attention. I also got one one one play time at least twice a day, plus walks.

Liz: We got to the beach and Jamie and Erik went nuts in the waves. Wow, the water was so warm! I loved the white sugar sand and the palm trees.


Here is a picture of Erik and Liz at the beach:


Maggie: I got a little frisky and I broke a nail. One of the nice staffers trimmed it down for me. I decided not to sleep until my family came to get me. I wondered where they were? My nail hurt and at night I was lonely.

Part 2 – coming up!

Woof! Love, Maggie


14 thoughts on “4/30/16 Liz and Maggie: Vacation Part 1

  1. cb

    Sounds like you had a great time. Too short I am sure. I wouldn’t have ever wanted to come back.

    Better than my week. Painters in the house patching sheet rock – cut out over years to fix dripping pipe. Pipes fixed last year (Ace DuraFlo). Finally getting the sheet rock patched and painted. Ripping out all the wall paper and repainting. House is a war zone. Cats exiled to vet for the week, but I go visit them at lunchtime. They are so pitiful. Hillary and Pickles got their annual “too matted to comb” shave down.

    I am sure that Maggie can commiserate with my cats.

    1. weggieboy

      Gad! You certainly did have handful, Chris! I know how the kitties must have felt to be “:vetted”, but you know they were treated well, at least. My boys love to go to the groomer, though they always get suspicious when I put them in the carrier. Could be going to the veterinarian, eh?! (They always behave well there, though, though Dougy always wants to hop of the the examination table to explore the examination room and wherever his nose takes him.)

      And what about that Dominican Republic vacation, Liz? That was brave to arrive without a specific reservation in hand, but it looks like you hit a winner just the same! I’m enjoying an April 31st snowstorm and its outcome. The flowering trees were just in bloom, so the storm wasted that season for the year. Maybe the lilacs will come out OK.. You and Erik look like you are having a wonderful time, anyway, and I look forward to more stories about that trip! (Where’s your son, incidentally?) Oh, and the signed photo of Maggie looks great on the wall where I hung it next to the baby photos of my two kitties.

      1. maggie0019 Post author

        Erik is my older boy and Jamie is featured in today’s blog. I had a lot more pix of him but the flash drive is locked and I spent numerous frustrating hours trying to get it to open. Grrrr! lol

  2. hitandrun1964

    Liz, I’m so happy for you. The pictures are wonderful and it looks like a great hotel. I’m sure Maggie has a different opinion but dogs are like the:) Can’t wait for part 2.


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