5/25/16 I am so far behind…

I will probably never catch up, even running on all four legs. I tried to get through the Reader but I think it is hopeless!

I have been watching over Mom, who is very depressed. Mom is sad because she thinks that Dad suffered a mild heart attack (he had all the symptoms; Mom remembered from her CPR class) and now he is refusing medical treatment. Any medical treatment. Mom went and bought a bottle of aspirin so that if something happens she can stuff it in Dad’s mouth and call 911. I wish the male humans weren’t so stubborn. Mom is calling Dad “Widowmaker” and feeling really blue. She says she can’t believe Dad won’t go for a test just to assuage her fears. Fortunately, Mom has me.

We have had a few nice days and I did manage to get out. First, though, we celebrated Erik’s birthday with a nice BBQ and fresh fruit and vegetables. Here is Erik blowing out the candles on his cake:


I don’t know what Erik wished for, but I hope he gets it.

We went on a nice walk and I was amazed at all the geese and goslings, in various stages of growth. It was wonderful to be out in the sun!


We went with some friends to the big outdoor mall and we stopped at a fancy furniture store to rest a bit. Here is Jamie, perched in a modified “bird cage” – looks comfy, huh?


And he’s wearing his pizza shoes!

Woof! Love, Maggie

10 thoughts on “5/25/16 I am so far behind…

  1. loisajay

    Maggie–a mild heart attack is pretty serious stuff. Maybe you can snuggle up to dad and convince him to see a doctor just to be sure…..whew! A man going to the doctor…imagine that! Liz–keeping trying to convince him.

  2. foguth

    Does your dad have a regular doctor? Insurance? Is he afraid of missing work or something else, if he gets a diagnosis? I ask this because I suspect that some sort of fear is at the roots of his refusal to visit the doctor. This could be as simple as distrusting doctors and/or hospital (I can identify with this) or fearing that if something is really wrong, it will be a devastating financial issue… lots of possible reasons for the fear.
    If there actually was a mild heart attack, it could be a warning to make changes in lifestyle and/or diet.
    If you do have a family doctor, perhaps your mom to talk to him/her about what she can do regarding changing diet, etc. to help him heal.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      These are all good points , which mom has brought up to dad but he says nothing is wrong and refuses to go. However a definite event of some kind happened.

  3. noodle4president

    Why are dads such troublemakers?!?! They’re always causing moms grief and worry. Mom always tell Dad, “Do you want me to be a young widow? Why would you do this to me? It’s so easy to get me to stop nagging.”


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