6/5/16 I’m sort of back

Hi, this is Elizabeth. Maggie and I have been underground for the last week or so because of all the stress going on with Dad. I mentioned in prior posts that I firmly believe Jim had a “cardiac event” and about his subsequent refusals to go to the doctor. I would like to thank you all for the good wishes and positive vibes and good advice given.

We over here have all felt like we are on “borrowed time” and I have felt especially stressed and exhausted, feeling like I was waiting for the “other shoe to drop”.

Apparently, Jamie felt the same way and confided in me that he was “going to snap and it wasn’t going to be good”. Jamie had his head in his hands and looked like he was going to have a breakdown. I realized Jamie was hurting as badly as I was, which seriously riled me up, and when Jim came home, I took him outside in private and explained how he was hurting his son as well as being the most awful role model in the world. I said some other things too, mostly about how Jim was making himself look in Jamie’s eyes. Not all of it was pleasant I can assure you!

However, Jim took this little chat quite seriously (I guess it never occurred to him that Jamie felt he was being irresponsible) and promised to make an appointment the next morning (which was Friday) and he did. He is going to the doctor on Tuesday in the evening. Doctor was booked til the 26th so I guess Tuesday is better than nothing!

I asked Jim if I could accompany him to the doctor because I am interested in what he (doctor) will say. Jim is not keen on the idea of allowing me to come with. So we will see about that. Mostly I am watching Jim to make sure he doesn’t exert himself and I have a bottle of aspirin handy just in case.

Anyway, here is a picture of Maggie waiting for a human to throw a ball to her. She and Jamie have been of great comfort to me while we are riding out Jim’s stubbornness.


Again, thank you all for the good wishes. I am hoping we get things cleared up before our trip with the Robotics Club to NASA.

Thank you again,

Your friends, Liz and Maggie (Woof)


10 thoughts on “6/5/16 I’m sort of back

  1. foguth

    Thank goodness that he finally listened to reason and saw the larger picture! Fingers are crossed that the apt. will give everyone peace.

  2. loisajay

    I am happy to hear this, Liz. Hopefully, it is nothing, but so glad Jim was agreeable to be seen by the doctor anyway. Fingers crossed for good news. Maggie, you look adorable!

  3. weggieboy

    I can vouch for the benefit to the patient for having someone there to: 1. nag them till they go to the doctor, and 2. be there to hear what the doctor has to say, as well as help ask the questions that need to be asked and answered.

    As you know, I recently had a serious illness that required hospitalization, then several weeks of therapy to get me back in shape to return home. What you may not realize is I hadn’t felt well for months before hospitalization, and the doctors in Denver felt it was a relapse of Wegener’s granulomatosis.

    The consequences of not paying attention to the symptoms during those months before I literally couldn’t walk a step without having to pause to catch my breath, the state a friend found me in when she came to my apartment because I didn’t show up at the military museum where I volunteer at the time she expected me: I’m now on dialysis three times a week for life because the untreated WG wasted my kidneys! I might be a candidate for a transplant, though WG makes that problematic since it is a vascular disease.

    The short of it, don’t let your husband back peddle on this appointment! I’m a guy, and I know how we tend to do that! I’m just glad you were able to talk him into the appointment in the first place. Chest pains aren’t always a heart attack. When I had them (yes, I had them and ignored them, too!),

  4. weggieboy

    they were the effect of potassium buildup in my blood from end term kidney failure! What’s the potential problem with that? It can stop your heart!

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      I appreciate your perspective! Jim said his stomach was upset and didn’t feel good. He was sweating profusely and gray in color. I am hoping it is nothing, but! Much better to find out!!!

  5. noodle4president

    Some progress! My paws are crossed that everything turns out well. Mom says Jim is just hanging onto his stubbornness not wanting you to go to the doctor with him. Probably because he knows something’s wrong and doesn’t want to hear, “I told you so.”

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      You know it’s funny, I’d never say that but that is what they fear to hear! I just want to know what – if anything! – is going on!!

  6. Susan P

    Praying for all of you. My problem is different, but it really is a blessing to have people who know what is going on who can pray at the very least. I was in Denial for awhile. It is difficult for men to admit that they are not all right and they need help.


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