Until we know for sure

Maggie and I will be sporadically on and off until we know what is up with Jim for sure.

Jim’s doctor appointment that he finally went to last night yielded little information.

Doctor said that the issue could have been blood sugar related, as Jim is pre-diabetic, but that he could not rule out some sort of cardiac issue. Jim is slated for blood work and a cardiac stress test later in the week.

Jim worked up until the time of the appointment, so I was not able to go with. Not to worry, though. I had called the doctor’s office the day before, and got the “facts” faxed over to him. I didn’t trust Jim to be honest about what happened, although that is sad to admit! So I did a little behind-the-back snitching.

Maggie and I thank you for standing strong with us.

Your friend,




16 thoughts on “Until we know for sure

  1. loisajay

    It’s good that you did that, Liz. Otherwise the doctor might have asked Jim, “What are you here for if you say there is nothing wrong with you?” Blood work does not lie. That shows everything. Standing strong with you…
    Take care of everyone, Maggie!

  2. hitandrun1964

    Wow, I can’t believe the doctor gave you any information with out Jim’s consent. HIPPA would be all over him. Hope all is well and they find out what’s wrong with him. ❤

      1. hitandrun1964

        Oh, good. As soon as the kids turned 18 the doctors wouldn’t tell Debbie a think. She can’t call or get any info unless she goes with them and is in the room. I understand what you did. My mistake. Sorry about that. I hope he’s feeling better and that you get nothing but good news. I hope everyone is doing okay and that you are enjoying our fantastic weather. 🙂 Yay for sunny days. Much love…G

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