6/12/16 Weekend Update Part 2

Mom took me to the Vet as mentioned in my last post. Dr. Craig gave me a pill that he said, “works like a miracle”. He also said I would not have to take the human Benadryl (although he assured me it was one of the safest things I could take) or the little steroid he normally prescribes for me at this time of year. The Vet bill was over $200 because the new drug is very expensive. Doctor Craig also squirted the antibiotics directly into my ears.

Mom gulped a little at the cost but forked the money over. She thought Dad was going to have a fit, but he didn’t; he simply said, “That’s OK, it’s for the dog.” I thought that was very nice of him. And, the pill DID work like a miracle. By today my eyes have stopped running and I’m not itching as much. My right ear feels a lot better, too! I love my Vet!

Moving Day: Erik is off work Fridays and Sundays. He had asked for Saturday off so he could move, but he couldn’t find someone to cover for him, so Friday was the “big rush” to move out and get everything done. It got to be early evening, and no one was here to move the stuff out of the actual house. Erik, Jamie, and Mom had spent a long time maneuvering Erik’s bed, dressers, desk, and personal belongings up the 2 flights of stairs from the basement. The only casualties were the light fixture, which caught on the box spring and shattered, and a small, triangular-shaped chunk taken out of the wall.

After 6 p.m. Mom started to despair that no one was coming with a truck (Erik said he’d arranged for his friends to come by with vehicles but no one was there yet). All the furniture and personal belongings were stacked up in the foyer. However, around 6:30, Dan showed up with his truck, Becca with a Jeep, and Mr. Perez dropped off his truck, too. And of course there was Zeus the Fiat, which was already loaded up with boxes and bags to go to the new house!

Pretty soon everyone was hustling stuff out and into the various trucks and vehicles. Mom popped me in the crate while the front door was open, but after the stuff was loaded, she let me out and gave me a nice peanut butter and chicken treat. Let the wagon train begin!

Mom was so grateful that it wasn’t raining and that by 7 p.m. the heat had died down a bit. The humans got Erik moved successfully and now he is a couple of suburbs over. I’ll miss him a lot, but he still  has to come back to pick up little odds and ends. (Just to mention, Dad was at work during all of this, so he wasn’t lifting anything heavy or going up and down stairs. He’s OK but still hasn’t had his tests done yet.)

Here’s a picture of me, happy with Dad after Mom took me out and let me stretch my legs:


Thanks to all for the kind words and comments. I love to hear back from you…now, going to try to play catch up on my Reader.

Woof! Love, Maggie




9 thoughts on “6/12/16 Weekend Update Part 2

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  2. hitandrun1964

    I’m so happy you’re feeling better, Maggie. Glad Erik’s move went well, even if it was late:) Now just waiting for dad to get the okay and all will be just fine:) Give your mom extra kisses…she deserves them…a lot.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      thank you so much! Mom and Jamie just oil stained the front porch and she smells very interesting. I have to go sniff her before she takes a shower! Woof!


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