6/13/16 The front porch

The front porch has been overdue for a re-stain for a long time. At least as long as I’ve lived here! Today, Jamie and Mom got up early before the weather turned too hot and gave the porch a much-needed facelift.

Here is before:


You can see we are down to the bare wood.

Mom set me up on the couch with a blanket for my head and the A/C on, although I did peek out the front window every now and then to check on the work in progress.

Mom’s plan was for Jamie to take the high parts of the porch, and she’d get the lower spots. She figured they’d work from 8-12 and knock off work at that time, since the weather was predicted to be 90 or above.

The two of them pitched in and went at it and by the time 12:00 came around, they were done! I couldn’t believe the job was finished.

Here’s the after:


Now Mom wants to get a new door/screen door combo. Houses! They’re money pits!

Woof! Love, Maggie


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