6/18/16 The Shame of It

This morning, my young human Jamie went out to the “killing fields” to play paintball. Mom calls it the “killing fields” because it is so hot and dusty out there, it reminds her of Death Valley. She packed Jamie lots of Gatorade, and off they went in Zeus. Mom said she’d be back in about half an hour Human Standard Time.

It wasn’t my fault that the chatty squirrel was in the yard.

I watched it, and it teased me, flicking its bushy tail and clacking at me with its busy teeth.

Since I couldn’t get to it, I went on a mini rampage in the house instead. I knocked over the trash, strew it all about the floor, jumped on the counter, and smashed Mom’s antique sugar bowl. Glass shards flew everywhere. I decided not to stay in the kitchen.

I went back to the couch and decided to take a nap. Suddenly, I heard the garage door open. Uh oh. I stayed glued to the spot. Mom came in and I heard a sharp intake of breath. Then, the dreaded words: “YOU’RE A BAD DOG!” I didn’t move a hair. Mom put me in the crate where I lay, shamed and miserable, until she had all the glass, trash, and sugar cleaned up. Then she took the garbage out to the bins and came back and let me out.

Mom’s giving me the cold shoulder right now and she didn’t share her snack.

Oh, the shame of it! I blame the squirrel.

Woof! Love, Maggie



10 thoughts on “6/18/16 The Shame of It

  1. loisajay

    Oh, Maggie…I thought you were going to say you did something to the squirrel. You’re a sweet girl. But don’t tell Mom I said this, OK?

  2. weggieboy

    Oh, Maggie! And you were a good girl for so long that you got to stay out of the hoosegow when family was gone! You know once trust is broken, it stays that way for a long time, girl….!


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