7/15/16 A Visit to the New Vet

Mom made an appointment for me at a new Vet close to the house. She has been researching new animal hospitals and looking for someone who has lots of experience with bully breeds. She found a Vet that has experience with bully breeds and Greyhounds. Two things close to her heart. We bundled into Zeus and off we went. Jamie was the driver.

The Avenue Animal Hospital is recently remodeled and very clean. They are an accredited animal hospital. Mom and Jamie and I were very impressed by the attentiveness of the staff. We were put in a room right away just in case other animals came in.

As you can see, I was very stressed out. Not.


(Yes, I still have scars from the boarding incident.)

We talked with Becky, who entered all my shot information and stuff into the computer. She let me kiss her and I was very happy about that. Then Dr. K. came in. She was very pretty, about Erik’s age I should think, and very, very, smart. She didn’t put me up on the table (which folded in and out like those old Murphy beds) but rather, sat down on the floor with me and rubbed my belly. Little did I know while she was tickling my tummy that she was checking my heart, ears, feet, toes, skin, etc. I gave Dr. K. lots of kisses too. She gave me some squeezy cheese on a stick. I think she liked me, too!

Dr. K. and Mom had a long talk. We were there about an hour. Nobody rushed us out and Dr. K. answered all Mom’s questions. At this Vet, they do not board unless the dog has a medical condition (like seizures or diabetes). Dr. K. says she understands how hard it is to board dogs and she gave Mom good suggestions. She is even going to see if any of the Techs there would be interested in staying with me! Dr. K. says she has a dog who is “very selective” and understands our predicament. When it was time to leave, Becky took us out  back through the hospital, so we got a good look at things, and we avoided the dogs that had come in through the front. They made every extra step to make sure that there were no confrontations.

When we got back in the car, I was quiet and Mom asked Jamie what he thought. “Very, very, smart. Very on top of things,” he said. Mom agreed. Dr. K. had given Mom a whole packet of information, including a fish-oil/holistic approach to my itchy allergies. Dr. K. told Mom she was doing a good job with my coat and skin.

Mom has been mulling over a switch in Vets since the fight at the other animal hospital.

She says she just doesn’t feel like the explanation she was given matches what happened. So, she is going to move me over to be a patient with Dr. K. Interestingly, the prices for exams were about $7 to $10 higher, but the medications are between $20 and $50 less, so that is a big help, too, considering I am on long-term meds.

I will miss Dr. Craig, but I am happy to have made new friends today!

Woof! Love, Maggie (“Scarface”)





11 thoughts on “7/15/16 A Visit to the New Vet

  1. colinandray

    That is how a vet clinic should be run! Even if it cost a little extra, it would still be worth the expertise, compassion and planning that went into their business model. They clearly planned around their customers, rather than expecting their customers to adapt to their plan! 🙂

  2. loisajay

    This is so interesting. I had been going to the same vet for 15 years before she retired and sold her practice to a husband/wife vet team who also have another practice on the other side of town. They completely remodeled the building (translation: cleaned up the place big time). The new floor is the same as your vet, and they also did away with checking my fur babies on that cold metal fold-down table. The vet actually sits on the floor with my cats! Unreal. Yes, I am as happy as you are. Yay, Maggie! This doc sounds great–which is totally what you deserve. So very happy for you, sweet girl.

  3. Sunshine

    I am very happy to hear that the new vet will work out. I understand needing to find a new vet because your pet is mistreated. When our Zoie was alive, we were going to a vet up from our house in North Carolina. Ever since we got her. However, there was one nurse that always wanted to muzzle my Zoie. I never allowed her because Zoie (a Rottweiler) wouldn’t hurt a fly. I took Zoie in for a nail clipping and something else… a bath maybe, anyway when I came to pick her up she’d been sedated and muzzled. I was LIVID! When I asked why, they said they weren’t sure but that that nurse had done it. I found a new vet the very next day. Our next vet was a dream.

  4. farfetchedfriends

    Yay Dr. K! Maggie, you are one blessed doggie to found a Vet that treats you like one of her own pets. That will make all the difference when you’re an old lady like me.


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