8/1/16 Ren Faire

Yesterday, my humans braved the heat to go to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. I chilled out at home, and about mid-day, got a nice visit from Laurel. So we all had a good day!

Dad says that one of the things that touched him about Ren Faire was how much the people were different, yet everyone got along. Men and women dressed as kings, queens, wenches, pirates, belly dancers, fairies. Furry creatures and scaly creatures. Men dressed as women and tall people on stilts. Yet there was no fighting, bickering, or arguing amongst the attendees. Some people walked very slowly, others were in a hurry to get to a show or a shop. But everyone got along. The children looked on this fantastical landscape of whimsy and took it in stride. To a child with an imagination, Renaissance Faire is “business as usual” and why can’t I wear my fairy wings all the time?

Mom says she wishes people would get along like this in real life, not just “Where Fantasy Rules!” as they say at Ren Faire.

Mom took a picture of the Blue Knight. Mom said he was the best knight, because after his steward brought him a big tankard of water, he splashed most of it over his horse to cool  him off.


(You’ve got to be hot in that armor!)

Adam Crack was also there – 9 times Guinness Book of World Records winner for the whip. He lit the whip on fire and did a lot of stunts with it. For $10 you can get his DVD. (We did last year). His is a fascinating show.

Woof! Love, Maggie


4 thoughts on “8/1/16 Ren Faire

  1. cb

    Our “Ren Fest” is in October – November. Much cooler – for Houston. Probably the same folk traveling from festival to festival all year long.


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