8/1/16 16 days

Hi, it’s Elizabeth.

In 16 days, summer will be over for me. In 16 days, Jamie goes back to school. On his 16th birthday. (Next year is his golden birthday: 17 on the 17th).

Today we didn’t do anything except splash around in the pool and hang out at the hobby store. Which is OK with me. My house is a mess. The laundry isn’t done, there’s paperwork to do, Maggie keeps rumpling up the bed, and we’re having frozen pizza for dinner. I don’t care.

I don’t care if the grass and the plants are dried up. I don’t want school to start. I don’t want the winter and the darkness. I want the pool to stay open forever.

I want to hang on to every free, sun-drenched minute. I haven’t complained about the heat because I know it is better than the snow.

I love when we come into the house smelling like pool water and sunshine. I’ll take that any day.

I know I’m being selfish.

Jamie will turn 16 in 16 days. He misses his friends (we live far from school). He wants to get his driver’s license. I know this is my last summer having him as a “kid”. What will change in 16 days? Everything.

13 thoughts on “8/1/16 16 days

  1. loisajay

    Aw, Liz. This is a sad post. My oldest son and Jamie must share the same birthday. It absolutely killed me to have to wake him up for school each year on his birthday–or so very near. Yes, the license is the end of the ‘kid’ era. But it will really free you up, so there is a positive side to it. You and Maggie can have fun together and wait for Jamie to come home.

  2. cb

    Life goes on. Everything changes. We all grow.

    “I love when we come into the house smelling like pool water and sunshine. I’ll take that any day.
    I know I’m being … shellfish?”

  3. hitandrun1964

    I’m with you on the winter thing. I can’t stand the gray, dark, short days. Just thinking about them makes me want to run away. I hate that so much. Deb and I both have SAD and for those who don’t have it, they can’t understand how awful winter is. I dead it and if you and I could throw a net over summer and keep it her longer I’d meet you at the place of your choice and hold onto it with you. It’s not being selfish it’s a matter of survival.

    You’ll get over Jamie growing up. He’ll be more fun than ever.


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