8/3/16 Identity Theft

You may remember back a week ago when Mom and Dad went to the city to see the play? It was terrible weather with storms and power outages.

When Mom and Dad came back from the city on Sunday, Dad went out to his work van and found that someone had tossed everything around in it. The glove box was opened, and his messenger bag upended and emptied. Dad said it looked like whomever had done this was looking for something in particular. Dad didn’t have any deposits in the van, so he figured the would-be thieves were out of luck. He straightened everything out, and forgot the situation.

Until a few days ago when he checked his bank balance, and found he had been “had” by identity thieves.

This is under investigation so I’m not going to say too much more. I am urging everyone to safeguard your identity and do not leave even what appears to be innocent information lying about in your home or vehicle. Change your passwords often. Shred as much as you can. Never, ever carry your Social Security Card with you. Lock your doors. Lock your car and don’t leave extra keys in it. Don’t give out information to people who call and say they are from the bank or the IRS. Human society is terrible. Just thinking how the thieves went to work in the storm gives me goose bumps.

I also want everyone to know that I DID BARK that night.

Woof! Love, Maggie



11 thoughts on “8/3/16 Identity Theft

  1. loisajay

    Ugh! This is awful. I hope the outcome is a positive one. I do everything you say to the point that it drives my husband nuts. Sorry, honey; better safe than sorry. Good girl, Maggie.

      1. sepultura13

        I hope you get answers, and soon! That is definitely a worry – bad enough when strangers do it; even worse when family members or former spouses do! My ex-husband ‘appropriated’ the identities of both his father and our son, which I was unaware of until after his (ex’s) death. I had a lot of places to contact and papers to fill out to clear my son’s name from his father’s B.S. actions!
        *HUGS* back, and good luck!

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