8/8/16 More about the van (from Liz)

…But very few answers. We had hoped things would return to normal after the ID theft and subsequent draining of our bank account. However, things went from bad to worse when Jim took the van to put gas in and it leaked out all over the ground.

Apparently, our thieves also vandalized the van, perforating the gas tank. I am grateful there wasn’t any explosion or fire activity at the gas station!

Insurance may cover this (we had made a police report about the ID theft/forgery and in it mentioned the van had been trashed) under vandalism. I hope it does. Things are looking very grim here and we are hoping for some good news.

We actually thought that the insurance company would be out Monday to take a look-see, but they may not make it out til Thursday. That means Jim is out his van and utilizing Zeus, if I need to go anywhere Jamie is taking me in his car (more practice for him). We have chins up and are making the best of the situation. Would appreciate all good thoughts you may have to spare to come our way. Thanks.

Odd thing is, it seems like everyone I know is getting smacked with a stroke of bad luck right about now, from needing new flooring and water heaters to tires suddenly going flat and washers and dryers punking out and phones breaking. So we are definitely in good company and we’re just holding our breath for things to settle down for everybody.

I’ll keep posted on updates…please keep your fingers crossed.

Your friend, Liz




14 thoughts on “8/8/16 More about the van (from Liz)

  1. foguth

    IF you’d wanted to BUY another policy, betcha the Insurance company would have been right over…. However, your situation put them in a situation where they would most likely need to pay, so I wasn’t surprised that they weren’t speedy getting there. In my experience, they try to keep every penny possible, so I wish you very good luck.

  2. hitandrun1964

    I’m so sorry this happened. It doesn’t seem as if life should be this hard. All these things just pile up and make you want to lay down or go away. I hope it’s over soon. ❤

  3. Laura

    I’m sorry to hear about this run of bad luck, we always say in my family that “they come in threes”, I’m really hoping that things return to normality soon for you guys.

  4. sepultura13

    Insurance companies are not looking out for those who need it…and we only find that out when we actually have to file a claim. I’m hoping that things smooth out soon and turn out well!
    Yikes on the perforated gas tank…scary business, there!


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