8/11/16 Zeus, the Fiat

Zeus couldn’t believe he was finally home. Home, in his own garage. He didn’t even mind so much sharing the living space with the shiny black 8-ball; the Mazda that Jamie had received for his early birthday gift.

Zeus relaxed his upholstery and got comfortable. Last night had been spent in the Fiat dealership, awaiting a factory recall and an oil change. The Man had been driving him for the last couple of days while waiting for his van to get fixed, and while it was at first exciting, all the travel soon got old.

For one thing, Zeus noted, The Man took up a lot more room and sat much heavier in his driver’s seat. He was a little heavier on the gas and brake, too.

Which is why Zeus was overjoyed this morning to find that The Man had brought The Lady to take him home. Naturally, The Lady fussed and clucked over Zeus, checking his odometer and making sure he’d had a wash and enough gas. Before long, this gentle person was easing Zeus home and onto the driveway. Soon, The Lady came out with her hands full. She made a few trips:

Shop vac, chamois, wax, and Windex. Paper towels, microfiber cloth, new air freshener, and tire shine. Zeus sighed and let the pampering begin. He squirmed at the vacuuming, but a shiver of pleasure went up his hatchback as The Lady rubbed him with wax. Soon his dark-copper paint was gleaming and the windows and mirrors looked like crystal. The Lady detailed the interior, and buffed away the dust. Control panel looking like new? Check.

The Lady checked Zeus’ tires for their “skull” valve caps, then applied Wet Look Tire Shine. Zeus was pleasantly ready for a nap.



The Lady went into the house to put things away, and noticed that Maggie had gotten to the Pizzelle cookies while she had been busy. Zeus heard her yell in a terrible voice about the eaten and destroyed cookies. Zeus could tell that Maggie was on her belly in the kitchen. Zeus smiled to himself, and closed his lights.

It was good to be home.


Vrooom! Zeus the Fiat



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