story continues to heat up! literally!

Strength of a Thousand Men

It was night again. However, Conan was sound asleep and was actually sleeping well. A first.

Which was a good thing, because it meant that Hamperton didn’t have to worry about the noise aspect of breaking and entering. It was easy; one of the windows of the house was already cracked from what appeared to be some sort of projectile impact, like a ball. The thin glass looked like a spiderweb. All he had to do was make a hole with a drill bit in the center of the spiral and use his fingers to break shards off until he could reach in and unlatch it. Finding his house was easy, as he had been watching when his little robot friend had helped pick one out. The moron had put the one he wanted at the top of the pile, in plain sight.

Now, he was rustling through everything the…

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