Just wanted to let you good readers know that somehow WP diverted 28 of your thoughtful, sweet comments to “Spam” and I had to go retrieve them all. I hope you nice humans don’t think I’ve been ignoring you! I do try to keep up with all my correspondence.

Thank you especially to Doug (weggieboy) for the hilarious anecdote on getting (or not getting!) his first driver’s license.

Woof! Love, Maggie



12 thoughts on “Comments

  1. paws2smile

    I noticed this too with my comments! I felt horrible about it because I try my best at being a good blogger and get responses back in a timely manner. Some of them were from a year ago or longer!

  2. sepultura13

    That’s happened to me this past week…I’ve had to be diligent in checking my own ‘Spam’ folder, to make sure that legitimate comments haven’t ended up there! I wonder if WordPress is ‘cleaning house,’ so to speak – ridding the WP-verse of hijacked accounts or spam-riddled ‘non-blogs?’

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      maybe. it’s happened to a bunch of people already, so there could be something in that. Now I’m a spam, spam, spammity-spam checking fool. Woof!

  3. weggieboy

    Ohhhhhh!ome days WordPress makes me sooooo mad! The comments options are too close and my laptop mouse only has to hint of swiping over an option to do it. “It” usually is “trash”, an option I have never used because (apparently) kitty blogs just attract the nicest people, so their comments always are welcome, and I always want to reply back. It frustrates me when I accidentally trash a comment while trying to reply to it.


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