Lexi Is at Peace with her Creator

Sending our deepest sympathy to Lexi’s family. Run free, out of pain, sweet girl. Woof! Love, Maggie

lexi the schnauzer & friends

After experiencing severe seizures every hour since 4:00 a.m., Lexi made the journey back to her Creator at 10:50 this morning. A prayer from our wonderful work supervisor and friend , Pastor Evelyn Harris of St. Luke United Methodist Church:

We commend, oh Lord, into your loving care your dear servant Lexi Sandy. Receive, oh Lord, your humble servant who has touched so many lives and reflected your great love for all of your creation. We thank you for her witness in this life and for her life to come, free of pain and diseases, in communion with you and all the saints. Amen

Lexi’s Dad prepared this video in her Memory and Honor (full screen is best viewing for this):

The date and time of Lexi’s memorial service at St.Luke, Chattanooga, TN,  will be posted when available.

I cannot begin to express my affection and appreciation to everyone in…

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