9/22/16 (Groans)

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. Mom is sooooo mad at me.

Mom went to the store yesterday and bought some dog cookies and a big box of Milk Bone Brushing Chews to help keep my teeth and gums healthy. Mom gave me a cookie and secured the treats, then she and Jamie went over to Erik’s for a hair cut. Jamie needed the hair cut, because his hair is actually curly, and when it gets to a certain length, he looks like he’s wearing a James Dean pompadour. The hair cut turned out very nice.

Mom opened the door upon their return and of course I was there to greet  her, belly on the floor. She knew something was up and demanded to know what I did. I glanced over on the floor, where she immediately spotted the box of Brushing Chews – torn open and empty. Mom was in disbelief as to how I managed to get them.

“14 Brushing Chews?? You ate 14 Brushing Chews!” Mom shrieked. “Oh my God, you are going to be sick all night long!!” and indeed I was; groaning and moaning and sleeping fitfully all night.

This morning I was feeling better. Mom was still grumpy and not talking to me too much. She took me out and I went “King Poop” twice outside and now I feel good again. Mom says she didn’t sleep and wants to go back to bed.


Woof! Love, Maggie


7 thoughts on “9/22/16 (Groans)

  1. weggieboy

    I remember the time an English friend sent my kitties a gift package that included some salmon-flavored treats they loved, loved, loved! Then they puked them back up. Oops! I was partly to fault for letting them have as many as they wanted, rather than as many as they should have had.

    Anyway, Maggie, I’m glad you learned not to eat too many doggy tooth treats at a time.


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