9/24/16 New Wheelz At Last!

First off, I am feeling Much Better since “TreatGate 2016”, wherein I ate 14 large dental brushing chews in one sitting while Mom was away.

Secondly, maggieshelterdog.com should be up and running! No more ads. Woof!

And now, to the subject of today’s blog: new wheelz at last!

As you may remember, a couple of days ago, I blogged about how Jamie (my young human) had saved up his money to purchase a nice set of wheels for his car, a black Mazda 3 that he nicknamed “the 8-ball”. Jamie and Dad did the research on the rims, and Jamie carefully chose a set of four, which were promptly sent out to him via UPS from the Tire Rack, located in South Bend, Indiana. So far, so good.

Now here’s where it gets tricky. Dad and Jamie took the 8-ball out to get the wheelz installed (at the original place where Dad wanted the work done). However, the technician who was going to do the work stated that the rim was “too deep” and would hit the “control bar”, so he said that Dad and Jamie had to get “spacers” in order for the new wheelz to be put in.

Dad was fuming, and Jamie was greatly disappointed. Dad said these “spacers” weren’t safe, that they’d void the warranty on a brand-new car, and that he didn’t want Jamie driving with them. He told Jamie to contact Tire Rack and they would go to Indiana and make an exchange. Jamie was upset, but the exchange was planned to go down today (Saturday).

Then Dad came home from work late and they did not get to go. Tire Rack closed at 3 p.m., and they never would have made it in time. I didn’t think Jamie’s spirits could sink much lower, and I was surprised to see him with a veritable black cloud over his head!

Mom stepped in, however, and said that this whole story stunk like yesterday’s fish dinner. She reasoned that: a) lots of people have nice rims on their car, and they don’t seem to have a problem; b) maybe the technician misunderstood the operation of the whole rim/control bar thing; and c) why not call Tire Rack while they were still open and ask Customer Service?

So, she made the call and spoke with a nice man named Parker, who opened the order up on his computer. He told Mom that his mechanics explained that, when the car was up, there may be contact with the control bar, but once the car was down, and the weight was on the wheels, there would be no problem and plenty of space.

Armed with this information, everybody got back in the 8-ball and drove to the local Pep Boys with the new rims shoved in the trunk. Suffice it to say that Parker’s mechanics knew their stuff, because the guys at Pep Boys were able to install the rims, checked to make sure there was room between the rim and the control bar (“there’s tons,” they told Dad) and basically, got the rims in without a hitch. They did a great job!

Mom complimented Jamie at his “grace under fire” – she said he was a gentleman and patient about the whole ordeal – and Jamie offered his grateful thanks. But I think this happy picture sums the whole thing up:


Woof! The 8-ball rides again!

Love, Maggie (who has gotten quite an education about cars)




7 thoughts on “9/24/16 New Wheelz At Last!

  1. loisajay

    Good things come to those who wait. You are one patient young man, Jamie. So happy this turned out good. You and I both learned a lot about cars, Maggie! More treats for you….but not too many! 😀

  2. weggieboy

    Black! Nice Jamie! I went black over black when I bought my VW Golf Sportwagen in May, and I can tell you nothing looks nicer than a black car! Love the look of your new ride! Drive safely and enjoy having something this nice and hot looking!


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