9/25/16 The Apple Orchard

Today, the humans went out to the apple orchard to pick apples, because Mom wanted to bake pies. They’d been going to this particular orchard since Jamie was just a tot. They’ve seen this farm grow and grow and become a huge attraction. Maybe it’s gotten a bit too famous, because the line to get in the parking lot took 25 minutes.

I took a great nap while they were gone:


(ahh, the human bed and all its covers…mine!!!)

Dad took this picture of Jamie and Mom near the trees:


It was so crowded, they didn’t stay too long. Mom said she was shocked and disappointed that some of the apple trees’ trunks were broken almost in half from people climbing them when they are not supposed to. Much of the fruit was rotting on the vines as well, because of the damaged branches. Next year, they are going to find a smaller place to pick apples.

Back at home, Mom got busy preparing her pie crust. She enlisted Jamie to peel and core the apples. She has this contraption that peels, cores, and slices the juicy fruit. Jamie calls it the “apple murder machine”:


(as you can see, he’s quite serious about murdering the apples.)

Dogs like apples, so I got a slice or two. Mom rolled out the dough and, instead of a top crust, placed little leaf crust “cookies” on the fresh filling. She brushed them with milk and sprinkled sugar on them. Soon the pies were baking and the house smelled wonderful. Mom said it reminded her of a scene out of”LuLu’s Pie Shoppe”, a story Gigi wrote (gigisrantsandraves.wordpress.com). Then she and Jamie cleaned up the kitchen. The apples had been very juicy, and I contentedly licked a small puddle of sweetness from the floor before Mom shooed me away and mopped up.

Now the pies are baked and out of the oven. The one in the glass dish is for Erik and the other will probably be eaten by the end of the night!


I hope I get a crust cookie!

Woof! Love, Maggie

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