9/27/16 The Debate

Hi, this is Liz. I watched the Presidential debate last night. What was seen and heard cannot be unseen, or unheard, much to my dismay. I watched the debate, hoping that something would change my mind about one of these candidates. Nothing did.

I’ll put this right out there: I don’t like either candidate.

Trump repeatedly said that things (like trade deals, policies, etc.) “shouldn’t have happened”, yet he does not seem to have a ready plan to fix anything. A lot of things shouldn’t have happened, but they did, so…what are you going to do about it?  However, the viewing audience received no answers, just accusations. Oh, that and the visual imagery of a 400 pound person sitting on their bed hacking computers. Thanks.

With regard to Clinton, she seems both unlikeable and untrustworthy. We will probably never get the real story of what happened in Benghazi, where American lives were lost. When she apologized for the email scandal, she looked like it was being forced out of her. While Hillary has strategies in place, I can’t help feeling like it’s just “more of the same” lip service politics. She has a lot of unanswered questions, and that makes me uneasy. She is a career politician, and that makes me uneasy, as well.

Most disappointing was, it seemed, that the candidates really didn’t answer the questions posed to them by the Moderator, Mr. Lester Holt. A professional in the journalism field, I think Lester Holt acted and looked “more Presidential” than either Hillary or Donald.

Lester Holt was the only one who really stayed on task, while our two candidates were busy attacking each other and going off on tangents that didn’t have anything to do with the questions. I personally do not feel that either Clinton or Trump swayed any undecided people to either side. I think there is a healthy number of us out there that are still sitting on the fence, trying to choose the lesser poison. This debate did nothing to help us make a decision. Therefore, it wasn’t a debate, it was a debacle. We, the people, deserve better than this schlock.


There are two more debates left. Will the candidates maximize these opportunities to speak to the American people? Or are we doomed to watch two more character assassination sessions?

November is coming up quickly.

Your friend, Liz

20 thoughts on “9/27/16 The Debate

  1. colinandray

    The U.S. Political system (at least as it pertains to the Presidential election) is seen by many around the world as a bit of a joke, and a rather bad joke at that. If nothing else, I would hope that the new President initiates a committee charged with reviewing this in order to avoid a repeat performance in a few years time… although I am not too optimistic. I had an email from a friend in the U.S. whose teen made the statement “If Trump wins the election, can we move to Canada. Nobody hates Canada!” Those last three words may well not be a particularly accurate statement, but the underlying thought behind them tells me that there is a serious problem in the U.S.
    As for your voting decision, and as you already know, you must vote for the perceived best of two bad choices.

      1. colinandray

        You, me, and many others. The world is likely to change very fast after the election. My personal feelings are that Clinton is the only feasible candidate and, given that there are other woman in leadership roles around the world, that she will invite and consider their suggestions before making any “world impact” decisions!

  2. foguth

    I usually do not discuss politics, but we watched the debate, too. I agree with your assessment of Clinton, and having heard her tell so many lies that I’m wondering if her father actually installed drapes for a living….IMHO, it is pretty bad when I’m at the point of not believing a word a certain individual says.
    Trump concerns me because he doesn’t act/talk like a polished politician. However, to the best of my knowledge, our Founding Fathers were not politicians, either, so I am leaning toward the thought that ‘if politicians got our country into this mess, and if we want to make a true change, it’s probably not smart to put our faith into a career politician.’

      1. foguth

        For years, I’ve tried to choose ‘the lesser evil’… since things keep getting worse, anyway, this year, I figure I will go for the ‘most different’… Forget who originally said it, but I’m basing my thoughts on, “The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different outcome.”
        My fingers are crossed for our country!

  3. Heartafire

    I imagine any debate with Trump will be reduced to personal attacks as that is his M. O. I am not happy with our choices but of the two there is no choice, Mr Trump is a bullying narcissistic racist mysoginist.

      1. Heartafire

        I watch a video of a meeting between Sanders and Castro from 1985 where he congratulated Castro on the “change” he had brought to the island. As a native Miamian and any american citizen, that was enough for me.

  4. cb

    My friend suggested we start a movement for a write-in campaign to write in the vice-presidential candidates as Pres and VP. Your choice as to who stands for which position.

  5. cb

    On a related note, I propose reintroducing the draft. Not for military service, but for political office. I wouldn’t vote for anyone who actually wanted to hold public office.


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