9/29/16 Spam

Everyone’s comments keep going into Spam. I am answering comments from the Dashboard. Frustrating! I hope WP straightens itself out. This has been going on since yesterday.


Love, Maggie


13 thoughts on “9/29/16 Spam

      1. loisajay

        Ugh. I am running out of space for my photos, and short of deleting some, I was going to upgrade. This is a bit frustrating to hear, though. So sorry, Liz.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Somehow one of your comments got “lost”. No, WP doesn’t zap the memory. I got a lot more memory for pix and I may be able to do video as well. The spam thing seems to be better, too. Woof!

  1. hitandrun1964

    Sooooo frustrating when things happen and you don’t know why or how to fix them. Hope it gets straightened out soon. What a day, right? Wind, rain, more rain, then who knows, then drizzle. Gray, gray, gray, gag. LIz, we need to get summer to stay for ten months out of the year. Think of something, or ask Maggie.


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