Some Essays

thought you’d like to see changes to this blog, plus the intro of a new one! Woof!

Strength of a Thousand Men

updates for the blog may be sporadic over the next week or so. i am in the process of writing two essays for school and it’s difficult to balance all of that typing out. the essays are for theology and history, and by the time i’m done with the history paper it will be my fifth paper this semester.

my good friend ben has also started his own wordpress. it’s filled with 90’s aesthetic. i wish i was this cool.

his bloggo

finally, updates have been done to the blog to refresh it and make it cleaner. how does everyone like the new front page?

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7 thoughts on “Some Essays

  1. foguth

    Yesterday, I was in essay mode, too…. this presidential election is very upsetting…. if you read Rumors, which I posted yesterday, you’ll understand my previous comment about her father being a drapery hanger…

      1. foguth

        I am literally biting my nails over the thought of that woman attaining the most powerful position in our country…. While Trump is no angel, I feel he is our country’s only hope.

      2. foguth

        I didn’t say I liked either one – I don’t. But Trump hasn’t done things that killed people or sold weapons to ISIS (that will be in Rumors pt 3)….
        I hope you review the evidence and make a choice you are comfortable with.

      3. foguth

        Did you notice that Hillary seemed to be wearing an ear bud? I don’t think she’s hard of hearing, so have been wondering about that since the debate.

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