10/18/16 A Walk, and Mom’s Lunch

I haven’t been feeling up to my usual self today. Mostly, I lay around, sleeping. Mom had enough of my laziness, and took me out to the woods for a walk.

Fortunately, today was not nearly as oppressively humid as yesterday. It was a good 5 degrees cooler as well. There was a nice breeze, and the sun shone in a blue, cloudless sky. It was perfect for walking. Mom cannot believe it is mid-October.

We walked for an hour. While we were in the woods, we noted the blanket of oak leaves across the trail, dotted with crunchy acorns. A busy squirrel chattered at me from high in the branches, but I didn’t pay him any mind. The geese weren’t there today; maybe they were on the other side of the pond, closer to the street. I kept my ears up and eyes open for horses, and I did see about three of those beautiful creatures!

We got home, and Mom urged me to go to the bathroom in the backyard. I never do business of that sort while on a walk – I confess, I’m somewhat of a “homer”. Today, however, I made a beeline to the shade and lay down. Mom immediately took me into the kitchen for a cold drink and a rest on the chilly floor. Perfect!

Mom decided she was starving and made some lunch. She used the same spiraletti machine as last night, but made a lighter meal. Here is a picture:


For this dish, Mom cranked one zucchini into “zoodles” on the spiraletti. She chopped some colorful cherry tomatoes, and set the vegetables aside. She heated a small amount of minced garlic in a pan with about a tablespoon of olive oil. When the oil was hot and the garlic smelling good, she threw the vegetables in and added a pinch of coarse kosher salt and some cracked black pepper. She cooked this up for about 3 minutes, then transferred it to a plate and added a sprinkle of Romano cheese. Delicious! This dish can be made vegan by omitting the cheese.

After lunch, the UPS lady came to the door with a box. I was curious about her and did something I never do – I left my post and walked out the door to greet her. Mom was aghast, and told the lady she was “so sorry”. The lady laughed and said, “She smells my puppies!” and left. Mom scolded me for going outside without permission, but said I was very good for not jumping on the UPS lady.

Later on, that darn black and white kitty was stalking through (ahem) MY yard, chasing down a bird. I raised all the hair along my spine and let out a, “Woof!” That cat had the nerve to gaze at me with a, “Well, there’s a window between us, now, isn’t there?” kind of look. He played it very cool and slinked beneath the fence. Foiled, again!

Now, it’s time for a nap with one eye open, since Mom said she would be feeding me soon.

Woof! Love, Maggie





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