10/30/16 News from Mom!

Hello, all my WordPress friends and family!  Maggie kindly is letting me use her blog to reach out to all of you. First, I would like to give you a quick health update.

As most of you know, we live in the state of Illinois, which is noted for its unpredictable weather. We have had wild temperature swings as of late, and I think this has something to do with why I have been down. For some reason, all my bones and joints have felt like they are on fire, swollen and excruciatingly painful to the point that I was unable to blog because my right hand was affected. I took a trip to the lab, where the doctor is testing me for several things, including Rheumatoid Arthritis. While I certainly hope that this is not going to be the outcome, an answer for this horrible pain would be nice. I will keep all you kind readers posted, and thank you again for your care and concern.

On to the exciting news! I have recently decided to sign on with Origami Owl as a jewelry representative. This fun enterprise allows one to custom-make “living lockets” with charms and crystals representing your favorite memories, hobbies, animals, sports teams, and the like. They have many jewelry products including watches and a new aromatherapy line. The opportunity to get out and meet new people and show them a product I am incredibly pleased with makes me very happy!

I purchased an Origami Owl Living Locket several years ago and was delighted with it. I purchased another and several more charms, and upon the advice of my dear Vanessa, decided to enroll with the company.

NO, I am not going to change Maggie’s blog into a jewelry blog! But I am going to share my website with you and invite you to look at it. They really offer lovely products, and with the holidays coming up, it’s a great way to do some shopping without ever leaving your home. Here is a picture of my “jewelry bar” set up using items from my Starter Kit:


Thanks for sharing my excitement! My website is: http://www.lizmc0019.origamiowl.com (that’s zero zero one nine in the url).

Your friend, Liz




14 thoughts on “10/30/16 News from Mom!

  1. loisajay

    Liz–I am glad to hear of all the testing your doctor is doing on you. Much as I hope it is not RA, at least there are meds you can take to relieve your pain. Fingers crossed you do get a diagnosis so you can get on with life!
    Isn’t jewelry fun to sell? You can never have too much jewelry….and shoes!

  2. hitandrun1964

    This weather is crazy for sure. Nothing new though. I hope your pain goes away and you find out that an aspirin can make you feel better. Congrats on your new endeavor. Good luck. 🙂

  3. Laura

    That’s very unique jewellery, very lovely, I don’t think we have anything like that over here in the UK. Hope you have great success and fun in your new venture 🙂

      1. cb

        My neighbor was diagnosed with RA, then changed doctors years down the road who diagnosed gout, then years and doctors later some unknown auto-immune disease.

        Have them check for gout too

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