11/3/16 Tom Turkey

We did not hear from the doctor today. Dad says it is too early. Mom thinks they are closed Friday and we may not have news til Monday.

Mom gimped around all day, taking her time about storing away the Halloween decorations and putting out Thanksgiving, Fall-y stuff. It was warm and sunny (of course, now it is dark and freezing) so she inflated Rory the Dragon (rolls eyes at the name) during the afternoon, and let him dry out from the torrential rain we had yesterday. When Jamie came home, Mom enlisted him to help stuff Rory back in his box (he did not want to go quietly) and put up the next round of lawn decorations, namely, Tom the Turkey.


Mom says Dad loves this turkey because he feels Thanksgiving is a forgotten holiday nowadays with the commercial rush to Christmas. He likes that there is just a set day to say “thanks” for all we have.

Awww, who knew Dad was such a marshmallow inside? We’d better keep that to ourselves!

Woof! Love, Maggie


6 thoughts on “11/3/16 Tom Turkey

  1. cb

    I’m skipping Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations and this weekend will be decorating the house with red Valentine hearts,

    [ false ]

    We did however order a new LED pre-wired Christmas tree that is still in its box. It will replace our 35-year-old tree. I may put it up this weekend.


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