11/6/16 Hacksaw Ridge (no spoilers)

I’m not going to tell you anything that you haven’t seen in the commercials for this movie.

Hacksaw Ridge was one of the bloodiest battles of WWII. Desmond Doss, a devout 7th Day Adventist and Conscientious Objector, enlists in the Army because he feels the need to serve. However, his objective is to save, not kill. He wishes to be an Army Combat Medic and refuses to touch a weapon. This is a true story.

IF  YOU ARE SQUEAMISH THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR YOU. But you should see it anyway.

This movie is EXTREMELY graphic. There are lots of battlefield amputations and literally blood and guts and brains everywhere. However, this is NOT gratuitous violence. It is said that this movie is the most true and honest portrayal of battle ever filmed.

As I said, despite the gruesomeness, you should see it.

First, this movie encourages one to stand up for one’s own convictions and never waver, no matter what is thrown at you.

Second, THIS MOVIE IS WHAT WAR IS LIKE. Everyone (especially people running for election, who did not serve in the military, and quite possibly soon will be Commander-In-Chief), should catch a glimpse of the consequences of their actions when they send troops off to war.

Also, anyone who holds war in a cavalier manner, and is in a hurry to send our troops off to die horrendous deaths and suffer grievous injuries, while they themselves stay home in the comfort of their armchairs, and spout off how things “should” be, should see this movie so they know what it is like and what war entails. Many of these armchair generals HAVE NO CLUE as to the human suffering element of war.

No, don’t take your glasses off. No, don’t close your eyes. Because this stuff is still playing out in “theaters” all over the world.

Watch it and begin to try to understand why that Iraqi Vet who lives next door is huddling under his bed, crying on the 4th of July from the quarter sticks and mortars that are being blown off outside.

Try to understand why your dad, or grandpa, or anyone in your family who was in any war at any time, doesn’t want to talk about it and freezes up as soon as you mention it.

Try to understand why your senior relative reads the Obituaries, (yes, older people still read newspapers) spots the name of a buddy, and sheds tears, rocking back and forth and murmuring, “The war, the war.”

Then, come to realize that life is PRECIOUS  and that WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER.

I am a military Veteran. I support our troops but not necessarily the wars they are being sent to fight. Go ahead and tell me we are not in an “official war” and that it is a “conflict” or “operation” and I will tell  you to stuff it. You wouldn’t believe what I see at the VA hospital, and I double-dog-dare you to go to one of our injured heroes and tell him or her that they WEREN’T in a war.

I am proud that this movie had the balls to tell it like it was in WWII and not “Hollywood” gloss things over. Because everyone should know. You should go see this movie. But see it with sound muffling earplugs, because the battle scenes are LOUD and my ears were ringing all night.

FYI, the Veteran’s Crisis Hotline is: 1-800-273-8255, press 1 to speak to an operator.

Your friend, Liz






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