11/23/16 Thanksgiving Eve

Woof! And hello, everybody!

After much talking and soul-searching, Mom decided to go ahead and take the level 2 NSAID that the doctor prescribed for her. January 4 is a long time away, and she was in so much pain that she said she’d never last that long without something to take the edge off.

I am pleased to report that Mom is feeling incredible after a week of using the Celebrex. She feels much more energetic and is sleeping better (although I did hog the bed last night). She reports that there is only a mild lingering pain on some occasions, usually when she falls prey to “over-do”, and she hasn’t been sleeping all day like she was. That much is kind of a bummer for me since I was enjoying being lazy on the human bed all day, but now Mom is up and about.

Which brings us to today, the Eve of Thanksgiving.

Mom has got the gigantic pecan pie in the oven and the house smells heavenly. Last year at this time, Grandma had passed and the family had a small Thanksgiving. This year, just about everybody is coming over. I suppose it’s a good thing Mom is feeling better because she has been busy.

I decided that I have Thanksgiving all figured out. Thanksgiving means that Mom cooks, bakes, and cleans for 3 days, then Dad serves the food and Everyone tells him what a good job he did. That, and I get to beg for juicy tidbits. Did I get this right? Woof!

Speaking of Dad, he has become quite the card at the store lately. He and Mom have gone to the store a lot lately, to get things for Thanksgiving. Dad seems to think it is funny to talk very loudly and say things like, “Sweetie, do we need anything from the jelly aisle?” or, “Sweetie, did you want creamy or extra creamy whipped cream?” while Mom silently prays for a gigantic hole to form in the floor and swallow her up. While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with these questions, it’s the way he speaks and the volume of Dad speaking them that is getting on Mom’s last nerve and making her face red.

Last night they went to Wal-Mart and Dad found this cracking new hat. He put it on his head and paraded around all over. Mom slunk about 6 aisles away, hoping no one knew they were together. However, she did snap this picture so I could share it with you. She actually bought the hat and put it on a pumpkin at home.


So there ya go. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from me, Jamie, Mom, and the Turkey -er, Dad.

Tail wags and Woof!

Love, Maggie




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