12/3/16 Everybody Hide – Mom is Livid

I am writing this while looking over my shoulder. Mom is LIVID. Dad got a letter in the mail from our old insurance company (which went bankrupt). You may remember, a year ago – one year nearly to the date – Jamie got very, very, sick with a suspected Appendicitis and went to the hospital. Now, one month shy of being a total year later, the insurance company says they are not going to pay the claim as it “wasn’t medically necessary”.

Now I should mention that this letter, which Dad ignored, was sitting on the dining room table, and Mom’s curiosity got the better of her. When she’d asked Dad what the letter was about, he said, “They probably want money” and Mom thought she’d better be the adult and see how much exactly they wanted.

Imagine her surprise when she saw that it was a denial of claim for when she had to rush Jamie to the hospital.

Mom is LIVID. She is so hot you could probably strike a match off her forehead. Even though it is only 7 am here, she shot out a missive and five copies, presented them to Dad to sign, and quickly popped them in the mail. Then she stalked the house like a caged tiger.

To recap that night:

When Jamie was seen in the ER, he had been vomiting more than 4 hours and had broken blood vessels all over his face from the force in which he’d been throwing up. Nothing stayed down, not even electrolytes. He had a fever and horrible abdominal pain. When triaged by the nurse, Jamie was disoriented and incoherent. The terrible pain in his stomach made the doctor think he had Appendicitis, and he ordered a CAT scan. He further told Mom that Jamie would have started “shutting down” if IV fluids hadn’t been administered in his case. Jamie took two bags of IV fluids and some medications. At 5 in the morning, Mom dropped Jamie off at home and went to two different pharmacies to get his prescriptions filled.

NOW the insurance company is going to say that this case was not “medically necessary”.

Mom is RAGING about the healthcare in the United States; where doctors are hamstrung by insurance companies and cannot properly treat patients without the fear of not getting paid or worse. I am guessing Mom is not going back to sleep for a little nap. She’s had 3 cups of coffee and is breathing fire through her nostrils.

Uh oh. She’s coming this way. Time to log out and go hide under something.

Woof! Love, Maggie




16 thoughts on “12/3/16 Everybody Hide – Mom is Livid

  1. foguth

    Years ago, we had Blue Cross Blue Shield as our insurance carrier and we realized that they denied every claim, no matter how much it was for BUT we would then file paperwork to dispute their denial and then they would pay the claims. Our theory is that they did this because they knew a certain percentage of people would give up and just pay the bill, which meant more $$$ in their pockets.
    To this day, I consider that company the scum or health insurers. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of other companies follow their lead, too.

    I fervently hope that Trump will appoint smart people, who sort our insurance service out, because Obama certainly has not improved it. In fact, many (me included) believe no insurance is better than Obaminationcare.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      The system has been broken a long time. Rather than get in a debate about Presidents and how much they can/can’t do, I’ll just say that it should be illegal for insurance companies/big pharma to a) tell doctors how to do their jobs and b) contribute money to politicians.

      1. foguth

        I totally agree with that! The one reason why I’m glad that pot is now legal in many states (I’m allergic to it, so have no vested interest.) is that I realized that it could be used to treat several illnesses, and give many who suffered a better quality of life…. and it was economical to boot!
        I tend to like things that undermine the profits of big pharmaceutical companies.

  2. hitandrun1964

    I’m with your mom. Our entire way of life is falling apart. She’s right to rage. We should all be doing the same thing. Stay under the covers Maggie. It’s safe there.


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