12/8/16 Freezing

Greetings and Woof to all from Frozen, Illinois. The temperature is a balmy 21 F and the wind chill makes it 1 F. I am spending a LOT of time refusing to pee and nesting on the human bed, or in the chair, or on the couch.


(Is Old Man Winter gone yet?)

My human Jamie leaves for school in the morning when it is dark. He comes home from school at night in the dark. Mom frets. I stay close to her side. She turns on all the Christmas lights in the house and the gas fireplace to help keep the shadows away. Mom kisses my nose and tells me how much she loves me.

The back yard is interesting. Where the house throws its shadow, there is a mixture of snow and ice. However, toward the back of the yard, the snow is completely melted and the ground is rock-hard. Like I said, I’m not spending a whole lot of time outdoors.

Stay warm!

Woof! Love, Maggie

11 thoughts on “12/8/16 Freezing

  1. foguth

    72F here in Central Florida, but I just chatted to a friend in Michgan, who said there were ‘Winter Storm Warnings’ for areas close to Lake Michigan.

  2. cb

    When we lived in Colorado, my best friend from Florida visited us in January. His comment … “I could never live here. Water freezes here.”


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