12/13/16 Freezing, Part 2

Funny how the night falls. At 4:30, Mom was commenting to Jamie that the sun was still out, but by 5:00 Mother Nature had drawn the blinds, and the moon gleamed forth out of the night sky.

Dad had stopped home early to eat dinner with the family. Then he was due back at work at 8. Mom had dinner ready at 6, and she gave me my kibble, too. I mooched a piece of turkey from Dad and was trying for the butternut squash when he gave me a Look. So I waited on the rug for Mom to take me out after she’d finished her meal.

Mom opened the back door and a blast of cold air met our faces. I hesitated a second before dropping down to the icy stoop. Mom wanted me to go to the left, but I tugged her to the right. I went “#1” quickly, and then decided to jog around to the other side of the yard.

The moon was so bright, Mom didn’t need her flashlight. The snow, which had also partly frozen with a micro-coating of ice, sparkled like the diamond Mom wears when she goes someplace fancy. I found a place to do “#2” and finished business with no sniffing around. Mom cleaned up and we set off for the back door.

Mom was in the lead, with the flashlight in her pocket and the clean-up bag in one hand, leash in the other. Mom felt a pull on the leash behind her, and, without turning around, she said, “Come on girl, what’s the matter?” I couldn’t bark and I couldn’t whine. Mom felt the tug get heavier, and she wheeled around to find me crippled in the snow. My right hind leg was tight up against my belly and the other three were failing fast. The snow was up to my tummy now, because I was faltering, freezing. Had I been out there alone, I would have frozen solid. I couldn’t move.

We still had 15 or 20 feet to go to the back door. Mom flung the “business bag” on the side, and bent down, one arm going under my chest, the other arm under my tail. With a mighty grunt (and plenty of lifting with the thighs), Mom scooped me up and staggered to the back door. She saw Jamie in the kitchen through the window, and she hollered, “Open the door!” Jamie did so very quickly and Mom lay me gently on the towel in the kitchen. She said she was sorry she tugged at my leash and didn’t look around sooner. Once I thawed out, I jumped up and kissed her right on the face. Mom was out of breath – she thought she was going to drop me – and Dad said, “She’s got to be 70 pounds!” Now I admit I’ve lost some of my girlish figure. I like my treats and naps on the couch. I am going to be 6 in January, after all. But I think 70 pounds is pushing it.

However, I know this is my fault, because I won’t let Mom dress me for the weather. I refuse to wear booties and tear every coat Mom and Dad buy me. So Mom and Jamie went out in the back yard, and shoveled out a circle for me to go into the next time. Mom said it will still be cold but this way I won’t have to struggle with snowdrifts.

By Wednesday the temperature will be about -25 F. I am definitely a warm-weather dog.

Woof! Love, Maggie




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