12/29/16 The Wisdom Teeth

Tuesday the 27th my young human, Jamie, got his wisdom teeth extracted. Several factors played into this: namely, the dentist said there would not be enough room in his jaw for four more teeth; the orthodontist said they (the wisdom teeth) would disrupt the nice, even rows of pearly whites that Jamie has now; the oral surgeon said the roots hadn’t grown in yet; and the insurance company said they are not offering a dental plan next year.

With all those things combined, my human parents and Jamie decided on a “one and done” surgery before the end of the year. Because the teeth were impacted sideways, the oral surgeon said that an IV sedation was the route to go. Jamie was nervous because he’d never been put under before. I was put under when they gave me my “spay”. Dad had to carry me to the car, and I’d slept for a very long time.

Poor Jamie. First Mom had to starve him and he couldn’t even have a drink of water. The family left for the surgery and Mom warned me not to jump on my young human when he returned. I looked at Mom with the promise of good behavior in my eyes.

Jamie was a mess when he came back. I sniffed at him and immediately slunk under the table. He smelled strongly of blood and medicine. I was nervous at his appearance. His color was grey, and his face looked waxy and swollen. Jamie is almost 6’1″ now, and he looked like he was going to topple over at any second. Mom got him seated at the kitchen table with a towel and a large basin in front of him while Dad hovered nervously in the background.

Mom explained that the teeth were lodged in tightly and the doctor had to break the teeth to get them out of Jamie’s jaw. Mom said it was good that the roots hadn’t formed yet or the surgery would have been rougher. While Mom had paced in the clinic, Dad went out and got Jamie’s prescriptions. Now Mom had to try to get Jamie to take a pain pill, but he was numb from the shots and still partly sedated.

I’ll spare you the bloody gauze. Suffice it to say that it took a couple of times, but Jamie got the pain pill down. Dad had to go back to work, so Mom helped Jamie up the stairs to his room, where he rolled into bed. I followed along, but when I tried to jump in bed with him, Mom gave me a fierce, “NO!” so I retreated and waited in the doorway. I wasn’t letting Jamie out of my sight.

Pretty soon Jamie was coming out of the sedation, and he began to shake and shiver violently, with his teeth chattering and his whole body quivering. This of course was very painful, and Jamie moaned that he wanted to die. Mom sprung into action, putting a heating pad on his mid section and covering him with blankets. The doctor’s assistant had said that sometimes two pain pills were necessary in the first 6 hours, so Mom administered another one of these and in a few moments, the horrible shaking stopped and Jamie fell asleep. Mom warned me to be quiet, but of course, that wasn’t necessary. I knew my young human was suffering, and it pained me to see it. No one slept much that first night except for Jamie, who slept almost constantly from the medication.

Today is the third day post surgery. Jamie can handle soft foods but they have to be at room temperature. At Aunt GiGi’s suggestion, Mom made Jamie some delicious mashed potatoes. (I know they were delicious because Mom gave me a spoonful.) My young human has been sleeping a lot, and his face is still swollen but not as bad. I am keeping him under surveillance and making sure he is OK. We are all very relieved that the bleeding stopped pretty quickly, and that he seems to be coming around.

Please keep a good thought for my young human. Thanks!

Woof! Love, Maggie





13 thoughts on “12/29/16 The Wisdom Teeth

  1. weggieboy

    So this is how Jamie spent his Christmas holiday from school….! Whew! I personally like the feeling out of anesthesia, but I’ve never had post-surgery pain that couldn’t be control with a couple Tylenol…IF I needed them, and I never did. Best of all for Jamie, though, it’s done forever!

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      He has to take a ginormous Ibuprofin for the swelling. It’s so big, Mom’s been splitting it in half. He can’t open his mouth so well just yet. Woof! Woof!

  2. hitandrun1964

    Arggggg….your poor human. It’s a good thing he has a few more days off before going back to school. I know you’ll take good care of him and I know you’ll make sure your mom takes good care of him too. I hope the mashed potatoes helped. They are so good, even when you feel icky, and they fill up a human’s tummy, unlike other soft stuff. You can eat them warm, hot or cold and they are always good. Tell your mom hi for me and I hope your human is back on his feet soon. Doggies are lucky. They don’t have wisdom teeth. I wouldn’t mind but I don’t think they give us any wisdom at all…just big owwwwwies.

  3. cb

    Mmmm mashed potatoes. “Peruvian crack” as my diabetic friend calls them.

    I waited until my thirties to have mine done – in a hospital. Upper tooth root had broken through into my sinuses and within weeks after surgery I developed a life threatening sinus infection. Was rushed delirious to hospital for emergency sinus surgery to drain the infection.

    Tell Jamie how fortunate he is to have gotten this done sooner rather than later.

    Wisdom tooth removal is a “rite of passage”.

  4. CrimsonCorundum

    Oh, poor Jamie. It’s a good thing he has you, Maggie. 🙂 I think I know a little of what Jamie is going through. I just had to have a tooth extracted and it was very scary, even if in the end, it didn’t really hurt much at all. I only had to take a painkiller once and no antibiotics except for the ones the dentist gave me during my appointment.


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