1/5/17 Jamie update, and a Poem

I would like to again extend a very sincere thank you to all who wished my young human, Jamie, well while he recovered from the ordeal of getting his wisdom teeth out.

Jamie is nearly fully recovered, and went back to school today. I know; bummer of a way to spend winter break. But he never has to do that again!

Naturally, I’ve been watching over him day and night. Now I can finally rest, snuggling with the blanket Laurel gave Mom for Christmas (Laurel said I could use it, too!)


Finally, a poem. Dad went to Arizona on a business trip and left us all behind:

Dad flew to Arizona

It’s 50 degrees out there

Shivering for the “natives”

But Dad didn’t really care!

Left at home, we’re freezing

A light snow coming down

Enjoy your nice weather, Dad

Cause it’ll be 6F when you get back in town!

Ha ha! Woof! Love, Maggie

3 thoughts on “1/5/17 Jamie update, and a Poem

  1. cb

    As I post this it is 28F where I live in Texas (just west of Houston), 10F where you live, and 8F in Alliance NE where Dougy, Andy, and weggieboy hang out (or in rather … too cold to be out).

    Winter arrived here Friday.


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