1/22/17 A pervasive fog and other thoughts

Lately, we’ve had a pervasive fog descend on our neighborhood. We’re pretty far away from the Lake, so that’s unusual for our neck of the woods. When I took Maggie out this morning, I felt like we were criss-crossing the Moors. The boggy, boot sucking-mud and spongy earth, combined with the dense fog, made us both anxious to get back inside.

From the gloom and doom of the Inauguration to the lack of sunshine, I have been down. I’m taking steps to relieve the clouds, though, as much as I can in “my world.” For one, I’ve had the TV off (I’m not a TV watcher anyway) all week. Except to watch “Gotham”.

I’ve been going to a local tanning salon (I know, it’s not good for you) for 5 minutes to get some light. At last checkup, I was severely depleted on certain vitamins and this is one way to get them back to normal. I figure, it’s a 50/50 risk. What the heck.

I am also (finally) recovering from publishing the book. The software used said how “easy it was” to download the manuscript, etc. etc. Let me tell you it was NOT easy. There were all kinds of little insidious things, like “you can’t use a tab for indenting” and “pictures must be greater than ‘X dpi'” and so forth. You know how you just want to get it done? Well, at about my 12th hour into it, I “just wanted to get it done”. I am probably going to do a 2nd edition to add pictures (I obviously need a camera) and put my website info in.

When I went back and checked my proofs, from all the times of correcting and resubmitting (format), 329 errors. “Do you want to see a list of all 329 errors?” No, I want someone to remove the steel bar that is in my neck (that’s what it felt like) and un-kink my spine! I’m not complaining – just warning that “if it looks too easy, it probably isn’t”. Of course you all know that from trying to fix something, like a sink, and saying, “Oh, it’ll take five minutes”. The absolute kiss of death, that five minute remark…

Now, for some good news.

I may have a book signing coming up at a major event in February. Keep fingers and paws crossed for me! I don’t want to “jinx” it so keeping mum on details for now.

Jim and I are starting, on the recommendation of cb, (www.contrafactual.com), a diet program that combats inflammatory disease. It’s not going to be easy, but frankly, I am ready. The medications being given to me to ease the symptoms of RA are simply not working. This diet (The Wahl’s Protocol) is aimed at reversing or putting into remission disease by nourishing the body at the cellular level. I spent about 2 hours yesterday washing and prepping organic fruits and vegetables and stocking the fridge in anticipation of Monday morning (our agreed-upon start date). I have been struggling with pain for over two years and seldom have a good day. Now, I feel like I am doing something about it, instead of just throwing more pills down my throat that have major side effects – and aren’t working, anyway.

Dr. Terry Wahls cautions in her book that one should not stop taking one’s medication until the doctor takes (the patient) off. We are working in conjunction with our doctors to this effect. It chaps me to no end to think that, a mere 3 years ago, I was enrolled in Tae Kwon Do, had a personal trainer at the gym, and was significantly thinner. Bit by bit, I lost mobility and soon wasn’t able to kick or do a lunge. I plan on getting pain-free and if the price of that is that I never eat another eclair, so be it!

I will keep you all posted as we progress. As always, thank you for reading.

Your friend,



3 thoughts on “1/22/17 A pervasive fog and other thoughts

  1. loisajay

    Liz–you know I cringed a bit about the tanning bed. Going through all this **stuff** (for lack of a better word) with my melanoma, please be careful. Our bodies work in funny ways, and I can so appreciate what you were doing 3 years ago and where you are now. Glad you are taking a stand instead of just doing pills. The doctors have no idea what we, the patient, are going through and, I guess, medication is what the books tell them. Go on and kick RA’s ass!
    Take care of mom, Maggie! But I know you will. ❤

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      I appreciate and understand your concern. Having had a brush with the big “C” I am very, very careful. I do not go every day, I go for only a few minutes, and never use a lie-down bed where my body is touching the equipment. I do hope to kick RA’s butt! Love and hugs to you! Liz


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