2/5/17 Super Bowl Sunday

23! 14! 18! Woof!

The house is smelling good. Mom cooked up some wonderful smelling food, but said that I couldn’t have anything with onions in it. Foiled again!

However, we have lots of company today: Hailey, Erik, Miguel, and of course the usual suspects of Mom, Dad, and Jamie (they don’t count as company).

Dad’s had the TV on all day. “Just for the commercials,” he says. Ha, ha! Like anyone believes THAT. (The Tide commercial with Terry Bradshaw was pretty good though).

First Dad had on the “Fish Bowl”, featuring the LA Clams and the Buffalo Gills, (proof that he will watch anything). Dad grumped that he’s glad football is over cause the Bears stunk soooo bad this year. Woof! Tail wags to that!

Anyway, I am sure you are all busy with the game, so bye for now and see you all on WP very soon!


(Erik and Me) – an older pic but a goodie

Love, Maggie

8 thoughts on “2/5/17 Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Amy

    Hi Maggie. We all watched the Super Bowl “for the commercials” too. we really only caught the last quarter, so when it was over we went to their official website and watched ALL the commercials without football interruption!


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