2/9/17 Dad scares the heck out of me

Morning time, and I’m busy with my usual routine: breakfast, meds, outside, play “keep away” with Dad, and then a nap after everyone leaves.

Dad left as usual (or so I thought). What he was really doing was taking Mom’s Fiat, Zeus, in for a much-needed repair at the dealership. I did not realize this. Anyway, I was lulled into a false sense of security, and was soon fast asleep on the couch.


Mom was putting dishes away and doing all her morning clean up. I started to snore. All of a sudden, the front door flew open and there was Dad!

He’d caught me totally by surprise. I woke up quickly and raised up my hair, growling and barking. Then I realized the “intruder” was just Dad in his winter hat with the ear flaps down.

I felt foolish that the watch dog was caught napping. Dad laughed and said, “Who are you barking at?” I slunk off the couch and looked toward the treat jar. Mom was laughing, too, and that just made me more embarrassed! These humans!

They did give me a treat though, so not a complete loss!

Woof! Love, Maggie

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