2/20/17 Presidents Day

Let me apologize for not blogging sooner. I have been overwhelmed with the news media and my human family getting sick one at a time. Everyone is healthy now, though. We (Mom and I) are trying to deal with all the awful news regarding the current President. It has been very depressing. Mom has left the TV off most of the time.

Now, for some happy news! Where to begin? We’ve had beautiful, un-seasonal weather. Yesterday it went up past 70F. I’ve taken a couple of nice walks, and spent some time in the back yard. The ground is still soft and spongy, and we do need a couple of more nice, sunny, days to dry everything out.

All the snow and ice has melted. The geese are back, walking around like they own the place. It’s still the middle of winter, but everyone seems to be fooled into thinking it’s spring already. I’m not complaining!

This weekend, Jamie and his special friend Hailey went to a dance at her school. Dad kept me on the leash so I wouldn’t jump all over them and their nice clothes.

Here is a picture:


Don’t they look adorable? And they made it to the dance without a shred of dog hair on them!

I hope all you humans have a great Presidents Day. Enjoy the day and, if it’s good weather where you are, get out and enjoy it!

Woof! Love, Maggie


17 thoughts on “2/20/17 Presidents Day

  1. Heartafire

    Such a beautiful couple Maggie , It must have taken a lot of self control not to paw them. Even Tide is sensing the gloom emanating from Washington, NY, and our own Fl. Cheer up girl! Good will prevail.

  2. Amy

    Lots of folks have been sick around our “neck of the woods” too. Glad to hear everyone is better. I wish you were close by (line next door) Maggie. I know you and Lucy would be best buddies and your beautiful white hair would need a bath every day after rolling around in the muddy yard together. 🙂 And hang on, we’ll all make it through the next 4 years. Even lots of his staunch supporters are starting to see the light.


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