2/26/17 Beardy D’Luxe

ONCE upon a time, there was a young boy who loved playing with Legos. His favorite pieces were the little Lego “guys” that he could interchange heads and body parts to enact some wild story he was concocting in his imagination.

The boy’s father worked very long hours, but nonetheless, made time to re-enact these “visions” that the boy had. Sometimes, the boy would get stuck on a name for his little guy, and at those times, he would ask his father to help him name his latest creation.

Oh, some of the guys were set in stone: for example, Eugene and Stanley could not be interchanged for any reason whatsoever. They are still, to this day, in a safe place – an old wooden cigar box, tucked away near the Lionel train set, which is still running.

Anyway, one evening, the boy asked his father to name a particular Lego guy for him. The toy in question had a knit cap, a stubbly beard, and a frown upon his face. The boy seemed not quite sure how to integrate this unsavory character into his imaginative world of Eugene and Stanley.

The father looked at the Lego tough youth and, hiking his voice up to a Soprano range (or at least, “my-pants-are-way-too-tight” range, and squeaked out, “My name is …. Beardy. Beardy D’Luxe! And you better remember it, cause I’m gonna kick your a**!”

The boy roared with laughter. And so, Beardy D’Luxe was born.

Fast forward many years. Jamie is a lot older, and Dad is, too. (Mom seems to be staying the same for some odd reason). However, Beardy still holds a perch in the dining room, surveying the household with a squinty Lego eye.

In January, Dad had to travel to Arizona for a meeting. Snickering up his sleeve, Jamie took Beardy D’Luxe down from his vantage spot, wrote a note that said, “I’m gonna kick your a**!”, wrapped Beardy in the note, and tucked it lovingly into the big toe of his father’s right dress shoe.

When it came time to the formal meeting, the telephone rang in our house. Jamie answered the phone, only to hear his father saying, “Hey, I’ve just got a minute before I run to the meeting. But I put my foot in my shoe and got my a** kicked by Beardy D’Luxe!!!”

I am happy to report that Beardy has survived his encounter with Dad’s foot.

Here is a picture of Beardy D’Luxe, with a paper and foam board car that Jamie invented.


May all your happy childhood memories stretch out into present ones!!!

Woof! Love, Maggie


3 thoughts on “2/26/17 Beardy D’Luxe

  1. Amy

    Maggie, I am so glad to see you haven’t eaten either Beardy or the paper and foam car šŸ™‚ Isn’t it great when we have concrete (or, in this case, Lego) evidence to support our memories?


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