3/2/17 Tornadoes!

Tuesday was a horrible day for Illinois. At least five tornadoes touched down in the Downstate area. Many homes were destroyed, a nursing home sustained severe damage, two persons died from injuries received during the storm, fourteen more injured, plus hundreds of trees uprooted and landing…everywhere. Hail ranged from the size of dimes to the size of baseballs and caused severe property damage as well.

An incredible, unbelievable story that came out of this: a man’s dog was picked up by one of the tornadoes, carried off ten blocks, dropped back to Earth, and was reunited with his owner – sustaining only a cut over his eye. The deeply grateful doggie daddy was moved to tears as he described the joyous reunion with his good dog, whom he thought he would never see again.

In our neck of the woods, we got pounded by four thunderstorms; one right after the other. The lightning was so severe that it looked as though a giant strobe light was going off outside. The entire cul-de-sac overflowed with rainwater.

The weatherman warned of flash flooding, saying, “The ground can’t take any more water,” and many people suffered water damage on top of everything else. Having to use the bathroom outside, I can tell you, that weatherman was right!!!

Mom prepared the basement with flashlights and lanterns, said a silent “thank you” for the new roof, and kept checking the sump pump. “Happiness is a dry basement,” she said. We were very lucky that we did not sustain any damage. Being a former sailor, Mom is very aware of “safe passage through the storm”.

My thoughts and tail wags go out to those affected by these storms. I am sending you love and comfort. Woof!

Love, Maggie


20 thoughts on “3/2/17 Tornadoes!

  1. Amy

    My husband is currently at his mother’s in Northwestern IL, and they didn’t get any of this. While I am thankful he was safe, I am so very sorry to hear of the terrible damage, especially the loss of life, elsewhere in the state. Very glad you all made in through in one piece.

  2. foguth

    IMHO, tornadoes are one of the worse things because they seen to come out of nowhere, with very little warning. Some people wonder why I think they are worse then hurricanes, but with a hurricane, one has days to watch the path and make plans. Not so with a tornado.

  3. hitandrun1964

    One of my friends downstate had her roof destroyed. She just got a new one last year and now this happened. We aren’t supposed to get tornadoes yet. Things are screwed up. You might have had it worse on your side of the city than we did.


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