3/6/17 Maggie’s Bad Dreams

Hello, this is Maggie’s human half, Liz.

Maggie went to bed last night as usual. However, in the middle of the night, she was apparently tormented by terrible dreams. She started crying, shaking, and having violent tremors. This went on for a very long time, despite my attempts to quiet and soothe her. I would reach over and pet her, cooing to her and calling her name. For a moment or two, she would sleepily open an eye and settle down, only to fall back into whatever bad dreams and nightmares she was having.

This has happened to me before, and I know it’s awful. I would have a nightmare, shake myself awake, get up, go to the bathroom, and firmly tell myself to stop having this particular dream; only to fall asleep and land squarely in the middle of it again as though I had never interrupted it!

Maggie could sense my presence during her night terrors (I do believe that is what it was).

Ironically, night terrors run in my husband’s family, and two of his brothers suffered greatly from these. I say Maggie is definitely family and this is just one example of how true that statement is! As I pet her, she stretched out to get closer and closer, eventually driving me off the bed completely. After returning to bed to see that I had absolutely no room, I hung my legs off the side, only to have them fall asleep! So, I gently nudged Maggie over and she graciously let me have an inch or two of prime mattress space. I felt guilty about bothering her after she had finally fallen asleep herself! We were all exhausted this morning.

I wonder…what memories plague her that she has such a terrible time sometimes at night? Maggie does get a Clomicalm to help her as she is a very nervous and anxious dog.

Getting rid of the crate was a wonderful decision. I am sure she associates her previous life (of neglect? abuse? puppies taken from her when she wasn’t ready to let them go?) with the confines of the crate.

When I had her enrolled in school, the trainer said, “Do not let the dog sleep with you.” I am SO GLAD I caved and now the dog sleeps with us. Given Maggie’s nervous and hyper disposition, sleeping with her “pack” has calmed her down greatly. Not that I advocate not listening to one’s trainer, but…sometimes, a judgement call needs to be made.

I wish you all a peaceful night’s rest, and snuggles with your favorite furbaby.

Your friend,






22 thoughts on “3/6/17 Maggie’s Bad Dreams

  1. loisajay

    Oh, Liz–I am so sorry for what Maggie went through, but so glad you were there to comfort her. After I had my surgeries last year, my husband did not want the cats sleeping with us any longer….cat hair and my incisions, and all…..Poor Parker would cry outside our door and no one was sleeping. We let her in and all she wanted was to be with us. My dogs always slept with us, too. Yeah, you are lucky she gave you a couple inches of prime mattress space. Poor baby, though….Wishing you all peaceful nights and sweet dreams.

  2. cb

    Since the Mrs began sleeping in zero-gravity chair in our bedroom, all three cats sleep with me. Patches to the left. Hillary to the right. Pickles under the covers. “Pride” of place.

  3. Anarette

    You’re giving Maggie a wonderful gift: safety and protection. I’m glad she found you. Benji is anxious too, we have to take slow steps with him. Agility training seems to improve his confidence.

  4. colinandray

    You might want to revisit the “crate decision”! If she does not like her crate, for whatever reasons, you should try and work through it. Throw treats in there or something because she must learn that a crate is a safe and happy place. If you do not get her happy in a crate, it is going be extremely hard for her when she has to be crated…. say an overnight at the vets!

    One down side of sleeping with you is that you could well be feeding dependence/separation anxiety. Again, there may come a time when she simply cannot sleep with you. This again could be very traumatic for Maggie.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      What you say is certainly true. However, she had the crate for four years and it simply did not work out at all. We tried every trick and tip. Maggie’s anxiety is so bad, it’s awful to behold. We cannot board her or have her overnight at the vet. This means we must have a pet sitter come to the house if we want to go anywhere. We have had to make a lot of adjustments. The time before last when we boarded her, she refused to drink or eat, and when we returned, she had to have emergency IV fluids or we would have lost her. We never boarded there again obviously (and that’s a long story). The last time we boarded her at the Vet, she got in a fight with another dog and is permanently scarred on her face. Boarding is just not an option. I wish she could tell me what is wrong. I do love her so much.

      1. colinandray

        Very familiar with anxiety issues. Ray has been on anxiety meds since we adopted him and, like you, we cannot leave him alone. What little time we get away from him is dependent on one of the Humane Society trainers being available (he loves her!). We have got Ray to be comfortable in his crate… as long as we don’t close the door. He is an ongoing work in progress, because we want him prepared for less than perfect circumstances. If we wait until they happen… bit’s far too late.

  5. hitandrun1964

    Oh, Maggie, I hope tonight is better for you and your mom. Dogs should always sleep with their loved ones. That’s what a pack is. Your mom always knows the right thing to do. Tell her I sent an email to her, please. Thank you Maggie and wags on you.

  6. Nancy

    Maggie you need to get your mom to put a dreamcatcher in the bedroom, so it will stop all the bad dreams, so only the good dreams come through….may you have sweet dreams girlfriend..πŸ‘ΌπŸ’žπŸ‘Ό

      1. Nancy

        Hi Liz and Maggie, I just got my Bed Bath & Beyond flyer today and they have the Himalayan salt crystal lamps and nightlights 19.99 each they are natural air purifier that exudes negative ions which can help promote positive energy, they say you should have one in every room, start with one in the bedroom, they also have Homedics Ellia Aroma diffuser, a little pricey at 39.99 and $10 each of the essential oils but if you get coupons like I do with 20% off you can build your collection…. to eliminate negative energy fast, Sage your home to clean out all the negative energy, if there’s been health issues, death ( which I know you have had to deal with) negative energy builds up in the house. Go to a bookstore or library and get a book on Feng Shui and see if your bedroom needs to be rearranged to promote better sleep for all of you…Hugs

  7. noodle4president

    Wow, Mags! I’m sorry to hear you had a bad night. Sometimes that happens to me but it usually ends when Mom wakes me. I’m sure you felt much better when you realized you were safe with your mom. Sending love and *ear licks* to both of you!

  8. Amy

    I am glad you followed both your instincts and your heart. Maggie is still recovering from whatever she went through before you rescued her. You’re a gr8 Mom!


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