3/16/17 A couple of “2319’s”

As you may remember, “2319” was the contamination alarm that was set off in the movie, “Monsters, Inc.” Our family uses this as a code for when someone does something silly. Dad is usually the recipient of these “2319!” exclamations, but not always.

I do suppose, however, that Dad started it when the family left for a short outing. Mom had bought me a bag of “Nubz” chew treats, after Dad discovered that the “Dreambones” they were buying me are made in China. (As all of you know, there have been a lot of problems with pet treats and food coming from China, so my human parents have been avoiding these purchases.)

Jamie and Mom filed out into the garage and Dad was left to “drop the treat” for me, then he was to beat a hasty retreat out to the car and meet up with them. Everything went as planned, except that Dad didn’t put the treats back. He left them openly out on the counter. I did not immediately know this, but I discovered it soon enough. 2319!

I ran to my spot on the stairs with the coveted, chicken-y smelling Nubz that Dad had given to me. Mmmm, it was so good! I ate the whole thing and licked the carpet for crumbs. I wandered downstairs, planning to check out the front window to make sure my family had left before my plan to settle down on the couch for a snooze. Nosing aside the draperies, I saw they were gone, and, walking back toward the kitchen, the smell hit me.

Nubz. Pure, unadulterated, chicken Nubz, on the counter, within easy reach, and the top left open. I didn’t hesitate a second before I jumped up, snatched the bag from the countertop, and dragged it into the living room. Oh, heaven. All the Nubz, all for me!


I chewed through the treats, drank all my water, stretched contentedly, and promptly fell asleep  on the couch. About an hour later, my family returned home. I was still sleeping, but I picked my head up and wagged my tail.

That’s when Mom discovered the empty bag of treats. She said something bad. She angrily said something to Dad, like, “How long have you lived here? Don’t you know to put the treats away?” or words to that effect.

I’ve had a tummy ache for a couple of days and have been going to the bathroom a LOT, snow or no snow. Mom hasn’t replaced the Nubz yet, and so I suppose now the 2319 is on me!

Where’s the Alka-Seltzer? Burp! Woof!!

Love, Maggie




15 thoughts on “3/16/17 A couple of “2319’s”

  1. Heartafire

    Ah Maggie, I am sorry you felt bad…my mom says I am too fussy and has to get after me sometimes just to eat! I like to be begged…signed Tide.

  2. Amy

    Poor Maggie. You only did what any red-blooded dog would do. You have lived to eat treats another day. 🙂 (My first schnauzer survived a full pound of chocolates.)

  3. weggieboy

    Oh dear! I hate to think of how your stomach (and other delicate parts) hurt! I hope you got a lesson from this, though I know chicken-flavored treats would be hard to resist…and OPEN, too!


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