3/20/17 BSL and BS Politics

I’ve been having a very hard time writing these days. Mostly it is because I am upset over news coming out of Washington, where your human Pack Leader (for Americans) resides.

I can’t help but notice some similarities between Breed Selective Legislation (against dogs; BSL) and the BS politics (against almost everybody else,) nowadays.

Under BSL, dogs can be shot on sight simply because they “look” like a Pitbull. If you’ve got a dog with a big head, beware! Dogs can be taken from their owners with little or no notice. Owners are required to muzzle their dogs and carry heavy insurance loads. Pitbull-type dogs are not allowed in doggie daycare, yet critics of these breeds say, “They need more socialization!” This discrimination is selectively enforced. Is this starting to sound familiar?

Under BS politics, “Shoot first and ask questions later” seems to be the rule. Families can be taken from each other, especially if they “look” a certain way. If you’ve got darker skin or a headscarf, beware! Discrimination is selectively enforced – Mexicans and Muslims are out. Their children are not going to be allowed in school. What about other illegals – the ones from European countries where the skin is not so dark? I have a problem with animals and people being discriminated against due to their looks. I could give you other examples, but I think you’re seeing my point!

Frankly, it’s disheartening.

A Pit or Pit-mix dog can’t help its breeding. A person cannot help their heritage or nationality. It is odd and unfair, from my canine point of view, that appearance should have so much weight in decision-making; especially, in life-altering decisions. For example, I understand that there have been no criminal attacks against the U.S. from any of the 6 countries that the American Pack Leader has put on the “hot list”; yet, there they are. This doesn’t make sense to me, just like the sign on the doggie daycare near my house that says, “No Pitbull type dogs or Akitas are welcome” doesn’t make sense, either. Shouldn’t we all be judged upon our actions?

I remember one time, when I was out in the yard and saw a rabbit. I burst through the fence and rounded the corner to the front of the house in hot pursuit. At that moment, a city worker pulled up in her truck and walked to the front door. Immediately, I changed course and ran toward this visitor. I bounded up to her, placed my paws on her shoulders, and began enthusiastically licking her face. How would this story end if BSL was enforced that day? I’ve never bitten anyone, but I could have been shot right on my own front porch. Some would say I deserved it.

Under BS politics, poor people, elderly people, anyone who relies on public education, and so forth, are under attack. It’s like they’re getting shot at. Some would say they deserve it. A shot was fired recently toward public radio and television. Aren’t you humans learning from the past? Haven’t you learned yet that a double standard is never fair? It makes me so unhappy.

A sad look today – no happy Woof.

Love, Maggie




13 thoughts on “3/20/17 BSL and BS Politics

  1. Amy

    You are so wise, Maggie. One of the things I love about our blogging community is there is no bias. You and Lucy are loved just like Lexi was. Outside of Blogville, I am gritting my teeth and trying to hang on for the next 4 years. (I am tickled that everyone who has met or heard about Lucy can’t wait for her to start coming back!)

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Oh, thank you so much! This was a very hard post to write. I would also like to share that, wherever BSL has been implemented, it has never, ever worked. I don’t think some things this Administration is doing will ever work, either. Woof! Can’t wait for Lucy to come back and hopefully lots of pix!

  2. hitandrun1964

    Maggie, it sucks. Big time. You put it nicely, no screaming, growling or snapping at the air, like you mom is probably doing. I’m glad you have a picture of Bruce Lee in the room. He was tough and could fight anyone. We have to be like Bruce Lee and fight back. Everything you said was absolutely TRUE AND UNFAIR AND ILLEGAL AND INSANE. Stay safe. People are crazy. Dogs are not.

  3. Anarette

    It’s sad indeed, Maggie. At my doggy daycare they do allow pitbulls. Dogs do get tested but if they don’t pass they can still enter later after some additional training. I like all dogs big and small and don’t care about color either. Let’s hope the humans will see the light sooner than later and turn things around 180 degrees .Benji

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Dear Benji, thank you for writing. I wish I could go to daycare, because I have lots of energy and would like to stay busy. But they won’t let me in. That backfires sometimes and then I want to chase rabbits and squirrels. Since the humans are in charge, you and I have to hope they wake up soon. Maybe we should lick their faces. Woof! Love, Maggie

      1. Anarette

        Lick their faces, that’s a marvelous plan Maggie! And we will keep spreading the word about friends like you! Pawkisses and a big lick in da face, Benji

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