The Lunchmeat Informant : A Cold-Cut Chronicles of Conan

James is re-introducing his story to new readers and as a synopsis for those who lost his blog when he renamed his domain. I hope you enjoy this. Woof! Love, Maggie

Strength of a Thousand Men

How does a man who works in a delicatessen go from a lunchmeat gladiator to a superpower’s sneakiest spy? The tale of Conan Merriweather, an alien on the distant moon of Sesiqui, is a dice roll tale of courage, cunning, action, multitasking, and uncanny luck.

Conan was a young, able-bodied man. He wanted desperately to enlist in the Royal Republican Army, so he could help repel the swarms of robots that threaten his homeland. However, the army does not accept soldiers with mental illnesses, as getting his medicine to the front lines would be difficult and expensive. He was stuck working in his boss’s meat store, where Conan spent his days hearing sickening stories of the Mechanika-Profilia Conflict from the jaded veteran. However, one day a government agent tricked Conan into coming with him into a secret urban government warehouse, where they knocked him unconscious, locked him in a robot suit, and…

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