4/1/17 No foolin’

What, may I ask, is that unusual bright thing hanging out in the sky?

The sun?? But we haven’t seen it in over a week!

After getting pounded by rainstorms, the sun made an appearance today. No foolin’!

Mom was so happy, she went out and did yard work. She also took me by the swamp (I must digress here; when it is filled with garbage, it’s a ‘swamp’. When it’s clean and nice looking, it’s a ‘pond’. You may refer to it however you like.) Anyway, Mom took me out and let me have a good, long sniff around. She put me on the tether in the back yard and let me eat some grass which is finally poking out. Amongst the weeds, of course; nothing can stop them. I sniffed and peed and kept an eye on Mom until I got so tired out I “asked” to come in the house so I could rest on the couch. Mom let me in and finished picking garbage out of the perimeter of the swamp – er, pond. Then she raked up a lot of sticks and put them in big paper bags. At first I watched from the front window but eventually ended up on the couch.


Sniff, sniff! The geese are back and have a nest around here somewhere. I can’t see it but I can sure smell it!

I thoroughly enjoyed my day in the sun, but the weatherman is predicting rain AGAIN for tomorrow and all week with the exception of Tuesday. How I hate the grey skies!

Woof! Love, Maggie


2 thoughts on “4/1/17 No foolin’

  1. Amy

    All that sunshine is a big mood booster. And watching all that work can wear out a pup. šŸ™‚ Garbage in the pond sounds awful!


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